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Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri is the Founder & CEO of Bodhi Research Group. Bodhi Research Group is focused on research and education in the alternative investments industry.

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D R .  R A N J A N  B H A D U R I

B.Sc. (Honours), MBA, M.Math, CAIA, CFA, PhD
Founder + CEO

Dr. Davide Sabatini is the Solutions Engineer at Bodhi Research Group. His duties include building infrastructure and assisting the CEO with analysis. He utilizes multi-disciplinary skills and draws on inter-professional experience in the business, clinical and engineering domains.

D R .  D A V I D E  S A B A T I N I

B.Eng, B.Sc. (Honours), M.Sc., O.D
Solutions Engineer

Susan Glavan has come out of retirement to join Bodhi Research Group as Operations Manager. Ms. Glavan has extensive experience in administration, records management, human resources, proofreading and customer service which has given her the opportunity to work for some very notable companies.

S U S A N  G L A V A N

Operations Manager

Pierre-Philippe Ste-Marie has 25 years of experience in the financial industry working with fixed income and cross asset absolute returns teams. He has initiated and unwound absolute returns and indexed portfolios and managed Canadian, US and European cross asset exposure levered and unlevered as a team leader (CEO, CIO) as well as a portfolio manager.

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P I E R R E - P H I L I P P E 
S T E - M A R I E


Visiting Researcher

Confidy Kong is the Creative Lead at Bodhi Research Group. Focused on the company’s branding and marketing, Ms. Kong conducts the design, strategy, and operations of Bodhi Research Group’s educational arm involving: seminars, webinars,

and conferences.

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C O N F I D Y  K O N G

A.BA (Honours), B.A.
Creative Lead

Dr. Gunter Meissner is Executive Research Director at Bodhi Research Group. Dr. Meissner is also an Adjunct Professor of Mathematical Finance at Columbia University and NYU, and the creator of Derivatives Software (

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D R . G U N T E R  M E I S S N E R


Executive Research Director

Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta is a Senior Board Member and Business Executive with proven regulatory engagement, strategic business development, business transformation, experience deploying advanced analytical and pragmatic delivery skills in various regulated and unregulated sectors -banking, markets, crypto, asset management, technology.

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D R . B H A S K A R  D A S G U P T A



Visiting Researchers (Current)


Rachel Fan is a rising sophomore at the University of Toronto pursuing a double major in Economics and Statistics. She has aspirations in the fields of finance, environmental economics and politics. With a growing interest in ESG concepts, she hopes to gain real world experience on how environmental economics impacts the finance industry in a positive direction at Bodhi Research Group.

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R A C H E L  F A N

Quantitative Research Intern

Summer 2022
YL - 2.jpg

Younghun Lee is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago. Younghun graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. and Financial Economics.

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Y O U N G H U N  L E E

Quantitative Research Intern

Fall 2022
DZ - 2.jpg

Danyan Zhang is currently enrolled in the Master of Financial Mathematics program in the University of Chicago. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia, double majored in Mathematics and Economics.

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D A N Y A N  Z H A N G

Quantitative Research Intern

Fall 2022

Aarya Vatsa is currently enrolled in the Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. She employs her dedicated focus and experience in scientific computing and human-computer interaction, as well as data- management and statistical analysis, to conduct internship work and assist team members in various sectors of Bodhi Research.

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A A R Y A  V A T S A

Quantitative Research Intern

Summer 2022
HM - 2.jpg

Hengchun Mu is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago. Hengchun graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor’s degree in Quantitative Economics and Mathematics. As well, he is a Phi Beta Kappa member and a varsity swimmer.

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H E N G C H U N  M U

Quantitative Research Intern

Fall 2022


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