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The first key competitive advantage is that Bodhi Research Group's work is ​highly focused​, highly tailored, and ​highly dedicated​ to the client's needs. Bodhi Research Group is very high-touch​, ​high value-add​ and t​ruly customized.

The second competitive advantage is that Bodhi Research will, if necessary, invoke a specific talented specialist to assist on a client project or deliverable. This, along with Bodhi Research Group's successful ​Visiting Research Faculty​, allows Bodhi Research Group to reduce overhead costs and create savings which can be passed along to the client. Moreover, it allows the firm a great deal of flexibility.


There are two revenue models under the research: retainer (recurring) and project (consulting).

Retainer Model:

Bodhi Research Group is independent, completely unconflicted, and incomparable​. We do ​not​ engage in third-party marketing or commission-based work. We fully​ represent the client's interests.

Bodhi Research Group has ​global reach and ​scope. Dr. Bhaduri has a multitude of international relationships with institutional investors, trading managers, industry service providers, and academic scholars. This is exceedingly advantageous to Bodhi's clients. Add Bodhi to your team!

Bodhi Research Group is an extension or complement​ to the internal investment / research team. It is similar to an "outsourced analyst". From the client perspective, they are gaining the expertise, experience, customization, and global reach of Bodhi Research Group in a cost-effective way. Additionally, they have an intelligent sounding board to further confer ideas. The work might be manager research, due diligence (investments, operational, structural, statistical), due diligence support, portfolio construction, asset allocation, special projects, or assorted. Bodhi Research Group is part of the client’s team and potentially an input in their decision-making. Bodhi Research Group can be a non-voting member of their investment committee.

Pricing: A predetermined, fixed monthly amount is negotiated. This amount is based on the work / expectations after a discussion.This is all-inclusive (no hidden fees, no travel fees, etc.).


The client can end the relationship at any time and only pay to that day. This means that the client is fully protected, since they can end the research service at any time if they believe that they are not receiving expected value or if their circumstances

have changed.

Note: if it is convenient from the client's perspective, then this may be labelled as a "research service" as opposed to "consulting". It is just truly customized research, as opposed to something that is generic and cookie-cutter.

The deliverables, timeline, and price are pre-determined. Typically, Bodhi Research Group does not do a "per hour" basis. There are no "hidden fees", so the client benefits from cost certainty.

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