Dr. Bhaduri has extensive experience in research.  He has designed and implemented an institutional due diligence and research program. Dr. Bhaduri has helped to launch products such as an investible alternatives index, a liquid alts 40-ACT portfolio, and a multi-manager portfolio that invokes an innovative fee methodology. He has authored several papers on advanced portfolio and risk management techniques. 

Let BODHI assist you with:

  • Product Development Research

  • Customized Research Studies


  • Mentoring and training of analysts

  • Joint on-site due diligence visits with internal institutional teams

  • Creation and implementation of an Intern Training Module including manual

  • Assessment, Evaluation and Upgrade to existing training systems

  • Dedicated assistance to institutional HR departments to standardize and improve hiring outcomes

  • Customized educational workshops

  • Seminars regarding special topics of interest


Selected Papers by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri


Papers Forthcoming

A Best Practice Protocol for Risk Measurement of a Portfolio of Hedge Funds (1) by Dr. Shubeur Rahman and Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri.

(1) This paper has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Alternative Investments, and the date of publication has not yet been finalized, but is expected to be in 2018.

Previously Published Papers

1.     Portfolio Management - Why Correlation Matters by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri & Dr. Gunter Meissner. Benefits & Pensions Monitor (July 2018).

2.     Lintner Revisited – A Quantitative Analysis of Managed Futures Strategies by Ryan Abrams, Ranjan Bhaduri, and Elizabeth Flores. CME Publication (June 2014).

3.     Portfolio Construction Technique: Overlay / Underlay Alternatives Blend by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri and Dr. Edgar Lobachevskiy. Alternative Investment Quarterly (December 2010).

4.     The Value of Liquidity and Option Timing from a Simple Game, by Dr. Niall Whelan and Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri.  Alternative Intelligence Quotient, Issue 32, September 2009.

5.     Liquidity Buckets, Liquidity Indices, Liquidity Duration, and their Applications to Hedge Funds by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri and Christopher Art. Alternative Investment Quarterly, (Q2-2008).

6.     The Value of Liquidity by Dr. Niall Whelan and Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri. Wilmott Magazine, (January 2008).

7.     The Truth About Hedge Funds by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri. Benefits & Pensions Monitor (May 2007).

8.     Hedging Liquidity Risk by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri, Dr. Gunter Meissner, and James Youn. Journal of Alternative Investments, (Winter 2007).

9.     Risk Management – Taming the Tail by Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri and Dr. Bryon Kaneshige, Pensions & Benefits Monitor (December 2005).