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Event Information
The Bodhi Research Group Annual Symposium 2023 has curated top-notch speakers to share their insights in different facets of alternative investments, asset management, and the economy. This special one-day Symposium will be content-rich featuring ideas that are top-of-mind.
8:00 AM
Breakfast + Brainstorm
8:55 AM
Welcome Address
Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri, PhD CFA CAIA, Founder & CEO of Bodhi Research Group.
9:00 AM
These are tumultuous times. The COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine and global geopolitical tensions have created a chaotic world with high inflation, high volatility and unstable correlation. Where do we stand and where are we heading? The experts of this panel discuss the factors that are most important to pension plans and asset management firms: inflation, interest rates, credit, equity and fx.
Elizabeth Burton, CAIA, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs.

Puneet Kohli, CFA, Capital Markets and Alternative Investments, Assistant Vice President, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan
Pierre-Philippe Ste-Marie, Visiting Researcher, Bodhi Research Group.
Faiza Vassanji, CAIA | Director Risk Management Solutions Team, National Bank of Canada
Market and Trader's Outlook
9:30 AM
This panel talks about the latest trends in Private Equity, Private Credit, Venture Capital, Infrastructure, and Real Estate. Where are the best opportunities for investments and co-investments? Which areas are frothy? What special insights in VC have come from the SVB collapse? What is new in the secondary market space?
Andy Greene, Managing Director - Investments, TTC Pension Plan.
Peter Martin Larsen, Senior Managing Director - Head of Private Markets, UPP.
Mark Phillip, Managing Director, FlowStone Partners.
Ben Savage, Partner, Clocktower Technology Ventures.
Private Markets Outlook
10:00 AM
Based on globalization research by OMERS, this session highlights macroeconomic and financial factors that impact the investment landscape. Recent events such as Brexit, the US-China trade war, COVID, and the war in Ukraine have changed global interconnectivity. This trend is likely to continue due to rising geopolitical tensions, changing demographics, climate change, and innovation. Countries and companies alike have already begun to feel the repercussions of inadequate diversification and the consequences of concentrated dependencies.
Britt Buhay, CFA; Principal - Total Portfolio Management, OMERS.
Sandra Ramirez, Director - Total Portfolio Management, OMERS.
Dr. Niall Whelan, PhD; Visiting Researcher, Bodhi Research Group.
The Future of Globalization
10:20 AM
Coffee + Connect
10:40 AM
This fast paced session highlights different portfolio snapshots pertaining to market risk, innovation, machine learning, sustainable investing and climate risk.
Zlata Huddleston, Partner, Practice Leader, IBM Consulting Sustainability Services Canada.
Ju Hui Lee, CFA, CAIA, FSA, FCIA, CERA, FRM; Head of Market Risk - United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund.
Romain Rouillon, Managing Director and Head of Total Fund Completion, OPTrust.
Dr. Davide Sabatini, O.D.; Solutions Engineer, Bodhi Research Group.
Portfolio Perspectives
11:00 AM
The Challenges of Constructing an External Manager Portfolio
This talk addresses common (and sometimes legitimate!) complaints of large allocators attempting to build a well diversified portfolio of external managers. “The fees are too high, the risk is too low, and the returns (on cash) are disappointing. To top it all off, the diversification isn’t even there when you need it!”
Chris Schindler, CFA; CEO & CIO, Castlefield Associates.
11:30 AM
Lunch & Liaison
12:30 PM
Book: Prisoner #1056 - How I Survived War and Found
An incredible immigrant story of a prominent Canadian Tamil who fled torture and imprisonment. After arriving in Canada with $50 in his pocket, he rose from the mailroom to the executive suite of the country’s largest independent asset management company. His story speaks to resiliency, perserverence and the human spirit.
Roy Ratnavel. Author; EVP and Head of Distribution, CI Global Asset Management.
Dr. Bahi Kandavel, PhD CFA. Founder and CEO, Northstar Trading.
1:00 PM
Why Should Only Buffett Get The Float?
Buffett has outperformed the S&P 500 by 10% p.a. since 1965. Empirical evidence points to stock selection and cheap leverage of 1.7x on average. In fact, sometimes Buffett gets access to leverage at a negative cost through the insurance float of GEICO! This session discusses how and whether other investors can enjoy the same benefit via Casualty ILS?
Sukandan Inthirarajah, FCA, CQF, CFA. Managing Director, Ledger Investing.
Philippe Trahan, FCIA, ICD.D. Managing Director, ILS, OTPP.
Bernard Van der Stichele. Senior Portfolio Manager, ILS, HOOPP.
1:40 PM
A legend's legend and the Godfather of Governance: Claude Lamoureux! As the inaugural President and CEO of OTPP, he created the Maple Model and opened the path for many other Canadian pension plans. Jim Keohane, retired President and CEO of HOOPP and current Board Member of AIMCO and Trans-Canada Capital, was the architect of HOOPP's Liability Driven Investing and is a world expert on LDI. These two icons share their insights and experience on a wide range of topics including inflation.
Jim Keohane, CFA, ICD.D. Former President and CEO of HOOPP.
Claude Lamoureux, FSA, ICD.D. Retired CEO of OTPP.
Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri, PhD CFA CAIA. Founder and CEO of Bodhi Research Group.
Keynote: Legend's Lounge
2:25 PM
According to Darwin's Origin of Species, it is neither the most intellectual nor the strongest that survives and thrives. Instead, it is the one that is best able to adapt and adjust to a changing environment. In today's world, both GPs and LPs are in a new environment. This straight-talk session outlines the business actions that are essential for survival and success.
Mark Hannoush, CPA (CA), CFA. Managing Director, Due Diligence & Advisory, OTPP.
Matt Tambellini. Operational Advisor, Bodhi Research Group.
Running Your Business With Changing Expectations
2:45 PM
Afternoon Tea & Talk
3:05 PM
ChatGPT burst onto the scene in September 2022, dramatically raising the profile of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on society. This session looks at how asset management firms may use GPT-like technology as part of the return generation process and assesses the capabilities that may provide a competitive advantage as these new technologies are adopted.
John McCormick. Former Global Group Head of Blackstone Alternative Asset Management (BAAM).
Keynote: Asset Management GPT
3:50 PM
This session explores different liquid alpha strategies in the quantitative space.
Christophe L'Ahelec, CFA. Managing Director, Public Markets, UPP.
Dr. Anne-Sophie van Royen, PhD. CIO - Quantitative Strategies, Asset Management One USA Inc.
Mee Warren, CAIA, CFA. Chief Portfolio Strategist, Kula Investments.
Steve Wisdom. Senior Partner, Crabel Capital Management.
Finding Alpha: Quantitative Strategies
4:20 PM
What trading strategies have some tailwind given the current capital and commodity market conditions? The best ideas are discussed by those making allocation decisions.
Hazlitt Gill. Managing Director, Portfolio Partnerships, BCI.
Brandon Gill New, CFA. Managing Director Head of Multi-Strategy Investments and Digital Assets, OPTrust.
Heather Sergeant, CFA. Portfolio Manager, CPP Investments.
Casey Talbot. Co-CIO and Head of Fixed Income, O'Connor Multi-Strategy.
Vincent Zhou, CFA. Portfolio Manager, Redjay Asset Management.
Best Ideas: Trading Strategies
4:50 PM
Closing Address
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